Friday, April 23, 2010

Latest Update

I need the hubs to take a recent photo - maybe tonight.....

I had a follow up interview on Wednesday with Bro. Brigham. It's so strange to talk and tell my story on camera. It will be interesting to see the final product.

He also filmed my second fill. I've noticed a daifference with this fill compared to the last one. I thought I had to take small bites before, but now I have to be even more conscious about it. I decided to get a second fill because my weight loss has plateaued. I haven't done anything differently, so I knew it was time. I received almost 2 cc's of fluid, compared to the .5 I received on my first fill. I find myself burping a little more this round and struggling with regurgitation, so I'm thinking I need to go back to have a small amount taken out.

I feel like this last month I've lost a little focus on the weight loss front. I've been very distracted with work and life in general, that I've put my energy for weight loss on the back burner. I'm glad to have kept this blog though, because yesterday I was reading through my past entries and now feel recommitted to "the cause" :)
I have so far to go and I can't lose focus anymore. And truthfully, the losses feel so good and the payoffs are great.

I have much work to do on exercise and finding enough time for it. I've decided to start walking in the evenings and swimming on the mornings that the hubs is home with our daughter. I am usually awake around 6am anyway. I might has well utilize that time.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Right on Track

I had an appt this morning. I had a metabolic test done that shows I burn approximately 2500 calories per day at rest. I also found out I've lost more weight. I hit my first 25 lb mark!!! Hurray! Only 125 more lbs to go! WOW....overwhelming in those terms.

We set a goal to be at 145 by June of 2011. I was told today that 18 months is a realistic goal for losing that much weight. With my current weight loss, we are right on track. My banding was close to 70 days ago. That was 10 weeks ago.  That puts me at 2.5 lbs/week lost.

I was worried today before my appointment, mostly because I've been feeling like the weight is coming off too slowly. But, talking with Andrea and Brooke at the clinic made me feel much better.

I started taking birth control pills about 60 days ago. I'd never taken them before and I kind of feel like my body is still trying to work through the hormone shift, possibly slowing weight loss.

I also need to up my excercising. Up till now, I've been walking mostly. But I received some great recommendations for cardio videos. So, I'll be moving in that direction.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Day

See these? This is the pile of clothes I cleaned out today that don't fit anymore.
Meaning...they are TOO BIG!

And these? This is my next size I'm working toward.

I'm on my way!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I had my first experience with a bad blockage last night. The hubs generously grilled bbq chicken thighs (I peeled off the skins, btw) and I thought my bites were small enough but it turns out, one bite got stuck. I ended up throwing up all I'd eaten so it would dislodge.

I've had minor blockages before, but they've quickly gone away with a sip of water or with me walking around. This time was different for sure.  It was SO uncomfortable and I was MISERABLE! What's great is that throwing up happened really fast, and relief came quickly.

Note to self: chew more, and even smaller bites.

Friday, February 5, 2010


I am back after a month-long hiatus from this blog. It's been a crazy month for our family! I am happy to say we all survived!

Since being banded on Jan 5th I've:
  • Taken a trip to Las Vegas and MANY restaurants and am proud to say I did very well there.
  • Went back to work and have had successful eating days while "on the road".
  • Survived the stomach flu and throwing up, despite small incision set-backs.
  • Spent 3 days in the hospital with my daughter and managed to stick to the diet even with hospital food, and stress!
  • Had my first "fill" on Wednesday, February 3rd and realized it's not that scary.
Since my "fill" on Feb 3rd I've:
  • Realized eating hasn't changed that much from pre-fill days.
  • Gone to a restaurant and still did just fine.
  • Come to the conclusion that hamburger is not my friend (which is fine).
  • Become more aware of my eating speed and bite sizes.
  • Chopped my hair off to simplify my life (which has nothing to do with surgery haha).
So far, I'm down 17 lbs from the day of my pre-op appointment (approx 4 weeks). The surgeon is pleased with my progress and said it was healthy rate so far.

Things to look forward to:
  • A metabolic test in early March
  • A personal fitness plan provided to me by the clinic's Exercise Physiologist
  • More weight loss!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Recovery at home

I don't think my hubs realizes what he signed up for when he took 8 days off of work to take care of me AND the baby. Pretty sure after about the first 24 hours he was ready to throw in the towel, or just throw the towel at me....

It's difficult feeling helpless, especially when you're a mom to an 11-month old. I haven't cooked a meal in about 10 days, which I'm sure the hubs is not appreciating. And the state of my laundry room is leaving much to be desired. Oh well, I will get there. Did I mention that my Christmas decor is still up *sigh*....

The pain is mostly deep muscle and some gas pains from my abdominal cavity being filled with air during surgery. The oxygen is trying to escape my body and is slowing killing me in the meantime. I'd take back my gall-bladder pain in a heartbeat compared to this. I've heard some people relate it to having a heart attack.....not that I would know what that feels like.

I can't bend over to pick things up which I drop, which makes the hubs frustrated cause he doesn't like picking up after me. And I can't pick up the baby for at least another 5 days or so, which means daddy is doing everything.

We've had some great support and help though. My cousin came and took the baby for about 3 hours yesterday which gave the hubs a break. We've had meals brought in each night which has been a huge help. The hubs got a nice steak, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and rolls last night. I'm sticking to my yogurt and pureed soups. It's working nicely so far.

I appreciate all the calls of concern and love being shown across the miles. I'm staying pretty positive and am already down 10 lbs from when I started my clear liquids pre-op till now. Kind of amazing. Only 140 lbs to go to my goal weight....kind of daunting.

I did pass out today. That was strange. I bent over to fix my daughters heater and apparently that mixed with my pain meds just didn't mesh well. So, needless to say, I'm banned to the couch or bed.

Thanks to everyone who has helped or offered to help. Keep us in your prayers....especially the hubs. He needs them more than me......


I arrived at 10:30am at Salt Lake Regional. I felt like a celebrity, seriously. Everyone knew who I was and lots of people stopped by to say hello and wish me good luck. I got my first experience as a "film star" from Brother Brigham* as he recorded my entry to the hospital and followed me through the pre-op process as well as the entire surgery. I don't think the hubs expected to be on film....oh well.

I had a little physical where it turns out I was still healthy enough to have surgery (phew!) and then had my IV started. Only took 3 tries.....I have horrible disappearing veins. Then, a little conversation with the surgeon and anesthesiologist and I was off to surgery.

I woke feeling like I had just gone to sleep. I remember asking as I was drifting off for them to let me sleep a little longer than usual. I don't know if they did. It was hard to wake up. I hate coming out of that lovely deep sleep. I remember reaching down to feel the incisions on my stomach and realizing it was over.

I thought it strange that Dr. Cottam never came back to talk to me, but apparently he had a conversation with the hubs. It also felt like ages before the hubs came in to see me.

After a little time in recovery, I decided I was ready to go home. I hate hanging around the hospital....but before I could go home, I had to do my "exit interview" with Bro. Brigham.

I'm thankful to everyone at the hospital who made me feel so welcome and for being so fabulous. It was a great experience and I felt so at ease. I know my nurses didn't expect to be on film, but handled it beautifully. You are all naturals!

I'm home, recovering now - and feel heavily sedated at times, so excuse the slopiness of this post.

*Brigham Cottam (independent film maker)